Published: Jeu, Mai 03, 2018
Entreprise | By Tatiana Lecocq

Around $600000 strewn across highway after armoured truck's rear doors fly open

Around $600000 strewn across highway after armoured truck's rear doors fly open

Indiana State Police Corporal Brock McCooe described it as "something out of a movie", and said people were climbing over barriers in the road to reach the bills.

Drivers on an IN highway got an unexpected payday after the back door of a Brinks truck opened, sending hundreds of thousands of dollars flying into the air. Perrine said it was definitely hundreds of thousands.

According to Fox 59, bags of money totalling $600,000 (£441,360) fell from a Brinks Security truck after its doors flew open.

It's not known if the incident was human mistake, or that the outcome of mechanical failure, police said.

Once the bags of money started falling onto the ground, it wasn't long before people were jumping over fences to grab as much money as they could stuff into their pockets. "So it was pretty chaotic".

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State police said anyone who stopped to take the money could face theft charges.

ISP says they are already getting tips with license place numbers from people who stopped to pick up the money. The police are also using surveillance footage to find people who took money. Anyone who wishes to do the exact same, may telephone Indiana State Police at 317-899-8577.

"If you're willing to, in good conscience, turn it back in, there's amnesty, there's no real questions asked if you're willing to give it back", McCooe said.

One motorist, posted a Facebook video showing hundreds of $20 bills scattered across the highway before police began warning nearby drivers not to pick up any of the loose cash.

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