Published: Ven, Mai 04, 2018
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Political temperature heats up ahead of Assembly polls in Karnataka

Political temperature heats up ahead of Assembly polls in Karnataka

The Prime Minister said the party was working towards promoting "ease of doing business, "but Congress is ensuring ease of doing murder" in Karnataka".

"Modi imposed Gabbar Singh Tax (GST), which looted the common man". Gandhi was speaking in a public meeting in Bidar, Karnataka as part of his Jan Ashirwad Yatra.

"Siddaramaiah posed a" question to Modi as he arrived for extensive canvassing in" Kalaburagi, Ballari and Bengaluru.

Referring to Gali Janardhana Reddy, the alleged kingpin of Karnataka's illegal iron ore mining and his aides as "the most corrupt", Gandhi said that the BJP had given eight tickets to those associated with him to contest the upcoming polls. The rally was a crowded one as the prime minister spoke of issues he hoped would resonate with voters of the city that has been variously described as the IT city, India's Silicon Valley and the Garden City.

"I never resort to personal attacks". This is PM Modi's second visit to the state this week. While BJP sources attribute the decision to an assessment that Modi's first round of rallies has sparked a noticeable draw on sentiment, the Congress has flung another taunt at what it sees as an opposition desperately dependent on the Modi factor.

"The Congress, in this election, is seeking votes of Dalits". Modi also asked the government to list out what they have done for the people of the state in the last five years. When the BJP is elected the lotus blooms and people prosper but when the Congress wins only a few families shine. Do you have any idea how huge Kharge's total assets are? The people of Karnataka need an answer. When our soldiers carried out surgical strike, the Congress party questioned them. What the British did at Jallianwala Bagh, Nizams did to the martyrs of Gorta. BJP pledged BBMP buildings to raise money.

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That didn't go down well with PM Modi, who responded, "You disrespect Deve Gowda even though you are a novice and he is a veteran".

"We need to ask them for an account of the plundering of the state on May 12 and vote for a change", he said. "The talented youth of Karnataka transformed the state into Startup capital but Congress government turned it into a pot-hole capital", Prime Minister Modi said.

"Modi came to power on some planks".

He made this comment while launching an all-out attack on Congress-led Karnataka government. The Congress continued to target the party and the prime minister over the matter.

He also said the Karnataka government, however, pre-empted the CBI manufactured clean chit to the Reddy brothers and BS Yeddyurappa by refusing to accept the closure by the agency.

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