Published: Ven, Mai 04, 2018
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Police release body camera footage from Las Vegas shooting

Police release body camera footage from Las Vegas shooting

Dramatic footage has been released of the tense final moments before police stormed the Las Vegas hotel room of gunman Stephen Paddock, just after he carried out the biggest mass shooting in US history.

In March, video released from the hotel shows Stephen Paddock methodically bringing suitcases to his room over the course of several days.

An officer grabbed an assault-style rifle from the ledge of a broken window and other weapons were found around the room. And when it was over, police say, Paddock turned one of his guns on himself.

While still in the hallway, one officer spots the surveillance equipment that Paddock had installed outside his room, hidden on a service cart.

Footage of officers in their police vehicles and on the casino floor, and on various other floors of the hotel, was also released.

Lombardo said there were hundreds of hours of body camera footage from the night of the shooting, according to The Associated Press. The police department initially did not release any material, but the Nevada Supreme Court ruled last week that police must released bodycam footage and the 911 call audio.

Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have said he killed 58 people and injured hundreds more before killing himself as authorities closed in.

A home that the Las Vegas shooter owned in Reno when he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history sits vacant in an upscale neighborhood.

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The videos were released after news organizations sued the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department over its refusal to release the body cam footage.

Police body-camera video from the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history shows Las Vegas officers busting into the gunman's hotel room and removing a rifle near a broken window.

The first officer to enter the room had not activated his body camera, but the scene was recorded from the bodycam of an officer following closely behind.

"We have a rifle deployed, we're in front of Mandalay Bay, we're trying to see where the shots are coming from", a voice says. When his department released its preliminary findings on the shooting earlier this year, that report included several photographs taken inside the suite. Shortly after, they arrive at the gunman's hotel suite on the 32nd floor. Lombardo said Tuesday that the department would release more recordings in batches in coming weeks.

The videos show Paddock's arsenal of rifles scattered on the floor and on chairs in the room.

The agency requires officers with body cameras to activate them during calls that lead to interaction with residents and searches.

A police spokeswoman said nobody from the agency would comment on the videos, whether the first officer followed procedure or whether he had been disciplined.

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