Published: Jeu, Mai 03, 2018
Science | By Nathan Jegou

Google Pay rolling out for Desktop and iOS platforms

Google Pay rolling out for Desktop and iOS platforms

That's changing today, Google says, with the start of a roll out of Google Pay on the web. You don't even need your smartphone to hand, either, with the Google Assistant adding voice control for the payments service.

It could give the company more of a chance to compete with Apple Pay which already works on desktop and mobile.

In other words, when you're shopping on a website that supports Google Pay, you'll now see "Buy with G Pay" and "G Pay" buttons on your Android phone, iOS device, or whatever laptop or desktop you're using.

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Lost your credit or debit card?

Having launched the Android app in February, Google Pay has now been made available for the web to allow users to pay directly using their Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser or an iOS device. Also, once a user saves a card to Google Pay on his personnel Pixelbook, he could be able to use in another device and also if the card gets expired and a new card is issued from the bank, it gets updated automatically to avoid re-enter the card details.

"Once you've added a card to Google Pay, you won't need to enter your payment info again-even when you're checking out in an app or on a site for the first time", Google product manager Gerardo Capiel wrote in a blog post. Well, that's assuming they offer Google Pay as a checkout option, which not everyone does just yet. In short, paying online can now become as easy as saving a password on your browser and then forgetting about it.Back in February, Google had also confirmed that it is working with online partners and in retail stores to turn Pay into a one app solution to all of one's payment problems.

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