Published: Jeu, Mai 03, 2018
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California leads states in suing Trump over auto emissions rollback

California leads states in suing Trump over auto emissions rollback

A major block of U.S. states have mounted a legal challenge against the Trump administration over its move to relax stringent vehicle emissions standards that were approved during President Obama's tenure.

The EPA is also considering whether to revoke a waiver that allows California to set its own, more stringent emissions regulations.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

According to the details of the lawsuit, the states are taking issue with how the EPA under the Trump administration has continued to rollback Obama-era regulations that are meant to curb carbon emissions and reduce the impact of pollution on climate change.

The states accuse the government of failing to follow its own regulations and of violating the Clean Air Act. It also permits other states to adopt California's standards. "I'm going to fight it with everything I can". "But the EPA and Administrator Scott Pruitt refuse to do their job and enforce these standards", Becerra said in a statement.

EPA representatives did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment on the lawsuit.

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California Governor Jerry Brown has said the EPA is "breaking the law" and putting children at risk due to air quality and potential breathing complications such as asthma.

"The Obama Administration's determination was wrong", Pruitt said in a statement. We believe this latest set of environmental goals, put in place by the Obama Administration, are the logical outcome and continuation of this decades-old practice, and are very achievable by the industry.

Vermont Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Persampieri said the transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Vermont and for the nation. Together, the states represent a significant share of the automobile market.

"At every step in the process the analysis has shown that the greenhouse gas emissions standards for cars and light trucks remain affordable and effective through 2025, and will save American drivers billions of dollars at the pump while protecting our health and the environment", said outgoing EPA head Gina McCarthy in 2016. Pruitt argued that the rules were too stringent and could greatly increase vehicle costs for consumers.Brown and other California officials on Tuesday called Pruitt's decision arbitrary and therefore illegal, saying the administrator was trying to change a regulation without supporting evidence.

It is not clear whether the Trump administration will seek to require California and other states to loosen their emissions restrictions as well.

The administration appeared to be readying a challenge to California's authority to set standards in a draft of new regulations reported by the New York Times last week. Even before the lawsuit, United States wouldn't be able to formally exit the Paris Agreement until 2020; likewise, Trump's auto emissions plans aren't slated take effect until 2021.

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